MyGuard is a unique security service developed for Iphone. MyGuard is the first mobile service in the world which in realtime send picture, audio and position as evidence directly to a secure storage server. If you choose to send what happened to the police can access data stored on our secure server. If activated in panic mode an alert is sent to the defined contacts and activates an alarm to scare away intruders.

MyGuard protects you and those you love.

MyGuard is developed by Mobile Security Solutions. MyGuard works with the police and the authorities so that the service can save data as possible evidence at the same time that personal data are protected. During the development of the service we have one of the best security experts of Norway with us.

Functionality in MyGuard

One click

In an emergency situation MyGuard is available instantly with a single click, shaking the phone or removing the headphone cable.

Immediate transfer

Evidence transferred from the moment you start the service. Data is not stored locally on your phone. Although transfers that are interrupted can contain valuable information.

Panic mode

When MyGuard started in panic mode will high light and sound attempt to scare away threatening people. Recording starts and transmit evidence immediately and messages sent to your contacts with your GPS position. MyGuard can also be started in silent mode.


If you choose to provide executives, these will be notified by text message service is restarted in panic mode.

Follow with position on map

The contact persons will be given a link to a map where they can follow your precise and updated position while the incident is ongoing.

Secure storage

Photos, audio, position and other stored on our secure storage, where the information can be made available to police and are automatically deleted after six months if no request for extradition has been received.

Recordings can immediately see on your phone. All footage is allocated a unique recording number which can be used at any review. Recording will not be deleted until it has been some time. This is to protect you from threats and blackmail.

We have also added a "Send my position"-function. It can activate when you want someone to get information about your position-for example, when you are on your way home at midnight, and want someone to follow where you are. The one you've chosen will get an SMS with a link to a map whose position is continually updated.


The service is subscription based and you pay 7, - for a subscription of 14 days or 98, - for one year. Included in the subscription is the up to 30 SMS per month, and secure data storage.

About us

MyGuard developed by Mobile Security Solutions AS. The company consists of individuals with extensive experience in the telecom and IT industry, with experience from well-known companies such as Telenor, Fast and Microsoft.

Mobile Security Solutions AS develops services for personal security on smartphones. MyGuard service is designed for the iPhone, but services for other platforms - such as Android - are being developed continuously.

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